December 1, 2011

Cypress Street Pint & Plate

When it comes to pairing beverages with food, wine usually gets the showy spotlight while beer is snubbed. But Beer Geek Tuesdays at Cypress Street Pint & Plate is setting out to change all that.

Each week, tasty food and beer pairings are designed to show off just how food-friendly beer can be. The themes and pairings are put together by Rob Merrick, beer program manager and resident beer aficionado, a.k.a., Brew-ru (beer + guru) as he’s been dubbed by Cypress owner Bill Streck.
                         Rob Merrick at Cypress Street Pint & Plate
                                                 Nov. 29, 2011

A recent pairing of a spicy ancho pepper and chicken stew with bock was a revelation. The beer helped tone down the salty notes of the stew while the stew drew forward some fruity notes in the beer.

“Every Tuesday night is a bit different,” says Merrick, who began his own beer journey ten years ago as a backyard home brewer and is currently pursuing Cicerone certification (a title that is to beer what sommelier is to wine). “It’s about creating unique beer experiences.”

Forthcoming themes include roller derby, doughnuts and beer, all ales, creative beer cocktails and a fundraising event scheduled for December 13. (Details will be posted on Facebook.) Regardless of the theme, expect to have a fun time and learn something new.

New Chef Richard Silvey has improved the menu and food quality at Cypress Street Pint & Plate since my initial visit.

Cypress Street Pint & Plate is an American pub. It’s an authentic stateside vision of what pubs are in Ireland. Americans adore Irish pubs—so much so that Irish pubs are routinely imported board for board and barstool by barstool in an attempt to rebuild and recreate the Irish experience here in the U.S.A. But they’re never quite the same, too eager to mimic and forgetting that a pub is not the building but the experience. Irish pubs in America can be good fun but they never quite capture the true vibe. This place doesn't try so hard and nails it.

Bottom Line: Visit often and this is the sort of place where everyone will know your name.

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