November 19, 2011

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime, located in Buckhead in the former Sambuca space, boasts interior design that's visually stunning. The stone walls are offset with warm woods, captivating pops of orange and blue lighting. Above the booths in the back of the main dining room hang some very interesting glass bubble light fixtures. The kitchen is "open" to the dining room--it's behind (very clean!) glass and easy to see what's going on in there.

On a recent busy Friday night visit I'd estimate that the place averaged about three servers per table, so this is the sort of place you can expect to get fussed over a bit.

The crab cakes are, as crab cakes should be, at least 95 percent crab meat. The appetizer portion (there's also an entree version) sits atop a buttery sweet corn cream sauce and is topped with a dollop of tartar sauce:

The short rib "osso buco" is fall-off-the-bone tender and served with carrots and horseradish mashed potatoes:
The spicy shrimp pappardelle may appear a tad too orange, but the heat level in the spicy garlic cream sauce teeters perfectly on the edge of just right and too much--it's addictively good:
The black truffle mac & cheese is divine--even Dean, who inexplicably doesn't usually like mac & cheese, liked it.
The chocolate peanut butter pie should not be missed--it's a very grown-up and elegant spin on a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup:

Inside the chocolate ganache is delicious peanut butter mousse:

Bottom Line: Swanky setting, skilled service and scrumptious food, priced for special occasions.

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