September 7, 2011

Cafe 640

While researching a cocktail article for next year's Where Guestbook Atlanta, I visited Cafe 640.

My editor adores the grapefruit rosewater martini, so I wanted to try it:

The drink is refreshing, and if you enjoy ruby red grapefruit flavor, then odds are you'll love it:
Although it is quite tasty, this cocktail is pretty simple. Grapefruit juice completely dominates the flavor, there is no complexity or balance. (It would, in my opinion, be improved by at least swapping gin for the vodka.) The small amount of rosewater--if you can sense it at all--adds only a fleeting whiff of aroma. But many folks (including my editor) LOVE this cocktail and it has won some awards (I have no idea which ones). It's good but in my opinion not great.

The cheeseburger and fries at Cafe 640, however, make my list of great bar foods. The fries in particular are divine and addictive:

The French Dip was equally yummy whether dipped in horseradish cream or au jus:

The limoncello was excellent, with just enough sweet to take the edge off the tart lemon flavor:

This cranberry bread pudding was excellent, but I was surprised to see it on a summer menu since it seemed to scream fall flavors--it must be very popular with regulars:

Bottom Line: Excellent food and drinks. If you haven't yet been to Cafe 640, add it to your "must go" list. If you've already been, odds are it's among your favorite haunts.

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