July 21, 2011


Murphy's in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, has a new executive chef: Ian Winslade. To introduce Winslade's new menu, the restaurant hosted a media luncheon yesterday.

The restaurant, which has been open 30 years, is consistently great and has often helped catapult its chefs' careers. Since I already count Ian Winslade among one of Atlanta's best chefs, it will be interesting to see what he does in the kitchen at Murphy's and what will come next.

Chilled Heirloom Tomato Soup with basil foam:
Scallop ceviche with mint, tomato and jalapeno:
Pickled peach salad with blue cheese and peppered pecans:
Assorted local summer vegetables with toasted barley pilaf and yuzu orange chili glaze:
Grilled cafe strip steak with sesame mustard sauce, sliced portobello and fingerling potato chips:
Roasted arctic char with lemon risotto, wild mushrooms and parmigiano reggiano:
Chocolate mousse pyramids and hazelnut croquantine (left) and orange blossom panna cotta with melange of melons:
Blueberry cheesecake with lavender, thyme and pineapple compote (front) and strawberry mille-feuille with amaretto caramel:

Bottom Line: One of Atlanta's consistently great restaurants--and the reason some Virginia-Highlands homeowners choose to live in Virginia-Highlands.

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gradydoctor said...

Murphy's is our favorite go-to restaurant. We love the whole menu but somehow can never get enough of the Murphy's Burger followed by the Tollhouse Pie. Ooooh, and you didn't mention how awesome their wine presentation is! Can't wait to try the new stuff. Was just there for my birthday during Concentrix restaurant week. :)

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