June 27, 2011

Bad Dog Taqueria

Name your restaurant "bad" anything, and you open yourself up to snarky complaints if it doesn't muster up to expectations. Fortunately for the owners of the new Bad Dog Taqueria, the food is good enough that they shouldn't have to worry about such disses. Chips and salsa ($4) include a mix of yucca, plantain, boniato and corn chips with a trio of salsas (salsa fresca, plantain pineapple serrano and fire-roasted tomato) or grilled guacamole (for an extra $1.50). It's all tasty, but I hope that in the future regular customers who've settled on a favorite salsa can get a larger quantity of just that one.
The menu features nine different tacos ($2.99 each). We tried them all.

According to the manager, all of the recipes were sourced from cooks of the ethinicities these dishes represent. The goal is authentic flavors with a Latino twist.

Tastes like Chicken is filled with plantain encrusted chicken breast, creamy cilantro sauce, lettuce and tomatoes:
We've Got Seoul has Korean BBQ pork belly, kimchee slaw and salsa verde. I didn't expect to like it, but it won me over.

Uncle Morty, my personal least-favorite, is filled with slow-roasted brisket, marinated grilled onions and "special sauce."

Bollywood (one of two vegetarian options) has Indian samosa with curried potatoes, peas and tamarind coriander chutney. It's quite sweet.

Evita has marinated grilled flank steak, crispy yucca and chimichurri sauce.

Chickpeas in a Pod (the second vegetarian option) has chickpea croquettes, avocado tahini sauce, lettuce and tomatoes. This taco was a favorite.

Snooki features spicy tomato ground beef ragu and queso fresco. I liked Snooki--there's a sentence I never thought I'd write!

Yo Mama's Taco is the only hard-shelled taco in the line-up. It's filled with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato:Go Fish! has plantain encrusted tilapia, creamy cilantro sauce and cabbage slaw:
Bad Dog Taqueria is located at 1579 North Decatur Rd. For more information call 404-370-8822.

Bottom Line: Fresh and clean--descriptors that equally apply to the food flavors and physical dining space--this restaurant is sure to appeal to neighborhood residents.

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