April 10, 2011

Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint

The new Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint is located downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street on the ground floor of the former Macy's building.The vibe is relaxed and welcoming yet sophisticated (all the employees are natty dressers!). My friend Foodie Lisa and I were escorted to a table near the main stage. "I'd prefer a table far from the stage," I told the hostess as soon as I saw where she was headed. "When they start playing it will probably be too loud for us to hear one another." "Oh no, it won't get too loud," she said. I scoffed in disbelief. And yet, it proved true! Soon a trumpet player and pianist took the stage and played some very enjoyable jazz at a volume that did not make my ears bleed. That's how to have live music, people!Thanks to her success with the Plant Perfect Experiment, Foodie Lisa is eating vegan and so we opted for menu items that we could share. The rocket flatbread ($9) was not the pizza-like dish that we expected but rather a wrap. We left off the cheese but it was still tasty. The sweet potato fries have just a touch of cinnamon and were addictive.The black-eyed peas with diced tomatoes ($3) were simmered with a tasty combination of spices and were sheer perfection, absolute deliciousness. If you're used to black-eyed peas simmered with pork, try these and you won't miss the pig: The food here is a fresh spin on Southern classics. Servers routinely passed our table carrying dishes like shrimp & grits, ribs and burgers--all of which looked so delicious I can't wait to try them.

One manager explained that the stage will showcase musical performers all day, with professionals appearing every evening and students during lunch.

Bottom Line: Far better place to take your out-of-town guests for a Southern dining experience than Mary Mac's or Pitty Pat's Porch...and good enough to treat yourself to an enjoyable meal out.

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