March 6, 2011

Firkin & Gryphon

Finding a pub that comfortably suits your personal preferences is like finding someone to marry--you'll kiss a few misfits and eventually settle for one you hope to mold into a keeper who will at least keep the kitchen clean.

A new pub in Dunwoody gives Atlantans a new option.

Firkin is a British term describing a nine-gallon measure usually associated with beer. Inside the front door a helpful wooden plaque offers up that definition and also says that Firkin Pubs were founded in 1987. (The Canadian-based company opened this location just a few weeks ago.)
A gryphon is a winged monster. I guess if you drank a whole Firkin you might see one.

The interior d├ęcor style is an amalgam of British, Irish and Scottish pubs, but when dining on a weekday evening at about 6:30 p.m. its vibe is less bar and more family-friendly restaurant with an Applebee's/Bennigan's sensibility. Kids abound. It is Dunwoody.

The staff is friendly and eager to please. The space is clean, bright and comfortable.
The excecutive chef is Chad Guay, who previously worked with Concentrics Restaurants as executive pastry chef and head baker, the Restaurant Associates as executive pastry chef--during which time he was named "Rising Star Pastry Chef of the Year" by StarChefs--and most recently as a sous chef at Wildfire.

The Rueben on marble rye was tasty. It comes with a choice of sides including sweet potato fries, which appeared to be batter-fried but our short-skirted waitress said they weren't:
The cottage pie (often referred to as Shepherd's Pie) was especially delicious. I'd definitely get this again:
Bottom Line: A family-friendly pub-themed restaurant that serves up tasty fare in a casual setting. Give it a try--it just may be the pub you've been looking for.

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